H61 – The Story Behind the Name!

Hello World! :)

Welcome to our blog! We start our journey on the blog road today.

Highway 61 is all about Music, Expression, Freedom.

A lot of people ask us what’s the reason behind the name? Well, the story goes like this:

Highway 61 is the iconic road in the Rock music history.

It runs in the USA from the ‘Delta’ i.e. the Mississippi Delta to the Canadian border. In the early 19th century, the African natives (brought to the country as slaves to work in cotton plantations) marched to their freedom over this road, migrating to mainland USA.

They took just one asset with them, their music. Time saw pocket havens of music forming along the long road, born out of this early African blues music. Aptly called the Blues Highway, it is the road to liberation & breathes freedom, music and expression.

Hence we identify our goal as a journey along the highway which leads to inspiration, freedom & liberation.

There is also a legend associated with this Highway. There is believed to be a crossroad at the intersection of Highway 49 and Highway 61 in Clarksdale, Mississippi. The legend says that if a blues man goes to this metaphorical crossroads with true blues music in his heart, he will meet the devil and can sell his soul in exchange for becoming a famous blues player!

Our lead guitarist, Arjun Mendhi has written a beautiful poem on the same Highway which you can find in another post.

Well for one, we haven’t sold our solus to the devil, but we sure hope to touch the souls of people through our words and music.
Inspire, be inspired.

Keep rocking!